14th eawe PhD Seminar

18 - 20 September 2018 - Brussel, Belgium

Industry keynote


Offshore wind – growing ever bigger

Cedric Vanden Haute

Lead structural engineer, Parkwind

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Cedric Vanden Haute is a naval architect, graduated at Gent University in 2008. After spending several years designing ships he switched his career to offshore wind, which shares many spects with the shipping industry, whilst also presenting the challenges of an emerging technology.

At Parkwind, Cedric started off in operations and maintenance, responsible for the substructures, after which he was involved in the design and building of the latest windfarms in Parkwind’s portfolio as lead structural engineer.

Next to that, Cedric also coordinates many ongoing R&D activities at Parkwind.

When he’s not working, he likes to enjoy the power of offshore wind whilst kitsurfing.


e-mail: eawePHDseminar2018@vub.be

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