14th eawe PhD Seminar

18 - 20 September 2018 - Brussel, Belgium

Academic keynote


Understanding and controlling turbine wakes

Carlo L. Bottasso

Wind Energy Institute, Technical University of Munich

Wakes couple wind turbines within a power plant, and affect power production and loading of downstream machines. Recent efforts from several research groups worldwide are shedding new light on wakes and their behavior. This new insight is crucial not only for a more accurate modeling of wakes, but also for controlling their path and recovery with the final goal of mitigating their effects. In this talk we will review some recent work in this area, with a focus on the interplay between numerical simulations and experiments in explaining some of the complex characteristics of wind turbine wakes.
Carlo L. Bottasso holds the Chair of Wind Energy at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and he currently serves as President of the European Academy of Wind Energy (eawe).


e-mail: eawePHDseminar2018@vub.be

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